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This page will have a Calendar with plant / fruit related events members may be interested in.

Feel free to suggest potential events to add to the list.

Also let us know of possible costs involved and whether you can purchase plants / gardening items at the events, do members get discounts?

.June 5th 2pm is an in person meeting in lake forest close to the freeway. Event is for members and their friends / family only.  

The event topic is Grafting and scionwood exchange.

OC Gardening Events

Pet Safe Rat Trap Workshop

An event for founding members.

This is an event arranged by a member of this pending chapter:T his is not an official club event.
This will be held outside with a large spacing between persons. Everyone is required to wear masks, and all safety protocols will be observed Location will be at my address in Lake Forest near Rockfield close to the 5 Freeway on Saturday 5/15/2021 beginning at 11:00 AM.
You are invited to join this workshop to make some of the pet safe rat traps. We will set up in my front yard and driveway.  Everyone who comes participates in some way to build the rat traps.
     Any members interested in attending, Let us know and the number of traps wanted so I can purchase the appropriate material amounts.
I cut the wood, someone helps with measurements, adjusting saw, 
Someone focuses on  vacuum / sweeping up the sawdust. Someone drills the hole for the entrance,
Some people assemble the traps , glue & nail the housing together.
Someone sand wood edges a little.
Some people paint the primer on the snap trap and the trap housing,
Someone later. Paints with the final paint Someone cuts the wire mesh for the back of the trap.
Someone drills the holes in the snap traps while attaching the trap to the board.Someone staples to attach the metal mesh to the back of the trap.
All supply costs will be totaled and divided by the number of traps made. And that would be the cost per trap each attending person will pay estimated around $7 per trap.  I will be supplying tools, tables, sand paper, brushes, paint,  driving to Home Depot to pickup the sheets of plywood and some of the other parts - 1 inch brad nails, staples, wood glue, paints (I may have the paints)
I have some chairs, but if you can bring a folding one to use would be great. , I have an easy up canopy, we could use two more, so let me know if you would be able to bring one.

From the member:" In our neighborhood, in the last couple of years, there have been more rats.One of my neighbors has the motto they are natural animals. So, he also puts food out for them. Well, they quickly got out of control and some of the neighbors around him started putting poison out. The rats then ate the poison and then some of the neighborhood cats apparently ate one or two and died. Since I have cats that like to go outside, I did not want them hurt by rat traps. So I built an enclosed rat trap with a removable top.The enclosure helps prevent my cats from stepping on the trap. It also prevents me from stepping on the trap and getting hurt. other advantages :
I can mount it alongside the top of my wooden fence so when the rats are running on top of the fence so at night they can visit my trap.
I can put the trap in bushes since the enclosure prevents the branches and leaves from interacting with the trap. I even put some in my grape plants.
I have mounted some on the end of a 2x4 so I can put against brick wallsSince the top is removable I can have easy access to the internal trap to clear and re-bait the trap.
Rats can only access the trap one direction, so trap has a higher success rate.
One end has wire mesh to make it easy to see the trap and bait status. 
Using a number of these traps, the member caught 65 rats last year." I also have tried some of the electronic traps , and I have better success with these. I do not have to fear getting a little wet.